Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know this is random, but Yahoo sells domain names at $3.95/first year. That's pretty good and even cheaper than GoDaddy. I guess Yahoo isn't as bad as I thought. I'm not really a person who cares about that kind of stuff, but money is money and it's nice to see cheap websites for once. I mean I can really actually use that for this blog if I wanted to buy it. The hosting is probably just as cheap (not $3.95/year cheap though). You guys should check it out. Maybe you might buy your own blog soon enough :P

Yahoo Domains Main Site

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And tonight you'll experience a rainstorm of gamma.

Man. When I first heard this it gave me shivers all up and down my spine. What ensued could've been one of the most amazing audio-visual experiences. Where my mind went was nearly unspeakable in human tones.

XI - Gamma Rain, new release out now. The flip is Medicate. I just picked mine up on wax.

This has to be one of the most beautiful dubstep songs I've heard yet. I hope you share the same joy as I did listening to it.

The version I posted is the video, but I thought it went really well with it, so please enjoy.


The Best You've Never Heard (Free EP)

Here's another artist by the name of Nee-Hi. My first post would've been your introduction to this EP.

I love it definitely. Really solid EP.

Nee-Hi - The Best You've Never Heard EP

I Am Grime that's the name of the EP

Free EP from Grime artist Jammz.

I suggest everyone get on this. This kid got flow and mad tunes. The download is under the pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Polyphasic sleep!

Man! I'm about to embark on this crazy adventure. Get this.

-22 hour days
-6 naps every 4 hours that last 20 minutes.

My first nap is at 1am

Here's a really cool article on how to start.

Astro Travelin'

-Cough cough cough cough-

Like Madlib I be astro travelin'. Song for the trees and smoke.

Deep and dark dubstep.

Hey all, this is, I believe, a new one from Zoobi. It's entitled Trench Foot. Take a listen, see how you feel.


What's up ya'll. This is the Sync Complete blog.

My idea for this place is to bring you all new or previously unheard music (does not have to be new). It can range from Hip-Hop to Grime to even Classical! I also will be posting cool sites, videos, and articles that are of interest. I will be straightforward and blunt. I'm also a bit spiritual, so I will address those sites as well. Enjoy.

First link - Big grime tune from Nee-Hi.